Edmonton and Area Home Inpectors

Whether it is a house or a condo, old or new, inspect your home before you buy it!

It is not uncommon in a real estate transaction for a deal to fall apart because of a home inspection.  Before you purchase a home, you should learn as much as you can about the property.  Since no home is perfect and even new homes have deficiencies, make sure that the repairs needed are within your financial means and do not exceed the current market value. By spending few hundred dollars, you will save thousands. 


edmonton home inspector

  1. Home Check Inspection - Bill McMunn 780-991-0531
  2. Home Alyze - Ron Slugoski 780-922-2235
  3. AmeriSpec - Vernon Wait 780-435-8300
  4. Global Property Inspection - Don Martz 780-267-2632
  5. Detailed Homes Inspection - 780-907-7963
  6. House Master Home Inspection - 780-449-3883
  7. Alberta Property Inspection - 780-486-4412
  8. Houseguard Home Inspection - 780-449-5248


You may also try the local yellow pages.


Derek Hulewicz, REALTOR® 780-220-4224
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