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Kensington neighbourhood is located in the north west part of Edmonton, between 132 and 137 avenue, and 127 and 113A street.  Kensington was annexed by Edmonton in 1913, however, the development didn’t start till late 1950’s.

Real Estate:  Majority of Kensington’s homes, more than 60%, are single detached bungalows built in 1950’s and 1960’s.  There are some townhouses and low rise apartment condos in the area.

Culture, Parks and Sports: Kensington Park and Community Hall, Library in Kensington Crossing, nearby Grand Truck Leisure Centre and Park which includes swimming pool, gym, tennis and basketball courts, soccer and football fields, Knights of Columbus Sports Complex, World Health Club, Carlisle Park, Rosslyn Park.

Schools: Kensington Elementary School, nearby St.Edmund and Calder Elementary, Rosslyn Juior High, St. Timothy School, Pere Lacome French School, Scott Robertson.

Amenities: Kensington Crossing, Foodmaster, El-Safadi Borthers, Castles Down Centre, Pembina Shopping Centre. Most of small business, stores, restaurants and cafes are located on 137 avenue.

Transportation: Bus routes on 132, 134 and 137 avenue, also on 113A and 127 street.  Good connection to NAIT, Downtown and Northgate Bus Terminal.

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Kensington Elementary School on 134 Avenue

Kensington Shopping Centre on 132 avenue and 127 street

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